Attracting visitors from all over the world and is considered one of the most largest fairs of textile sector "DENİM BY PV" exhibition took place in Paris, France, 27-28 November. DNM's disparate collections product experts, representatives of international companies and denim released.

Held in Paris on 27-28 November "Denim By PV" DNM collections introduced at the fair. Authentic core denim fabrics, based on the philosophy of ageless structure created by DNM, preferred the taste of new collections of live colors. Denim market is still a very diverse type of boutique-style products, focusing on production, the more authentic core denim new collections received from customer.


A very important global brands of Levi 's, Blue Line, Salsa, Zara, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Next, Topshop, Warehouse, representatives of companies such as DNM products, fabric for the 2014 elections.

Based on the main concept of nature-friendly "naturally" philosophy is introduced to customers in different collections are created; flexible nature, nature, nature has so much argument and maybe Stretch series, represents the actual compliance in the denim fabric. Different texture, color and finish with a combination of different expectations.


Inspired by the happy photo of the time frames in the past the generated Oldies & Goldies series, eskitemeyeceği, authentic and original denim fabric, garment washing freedom of movement, providing live combines clear and rich colors.


Coating is the most natural form (over-dying) technology uses the Bold series, King brings together two different character, has the colors of the front side of the dark denim air-bearing products, gives the impression of a contaminated paint effect consumers image looks on their faces.


Hybrid series is high-quality fabrics, fit and elasticity of fitting an aesthetic appearance. "Move along, jump, you want to take the shape of the human body according to the slogan" shape where the fabrics DNM concept offers the elegance and comfort of the "COSY" together.


Flash group concept quality rated and continuous demand by customers under fabrics. Of course we'll be answering customers ' demands at the same speed as the main philosophy of the concept.