DNM was incorporated in 2011 in city of Damietta, Egypt with 100% Turkish capital.

DNM is a vertically integrated denim fabric production plant constructed at the Public Free Zone on an outdoor area of 150.000 square meters with an indoor area of 130.000 square meters fitted with the state-of-the-art technological machinery.

Considered as one of the enterprises with the largest labor force of Egypt through the employment created, DNM is a member of Eroğlu Holding which is active throughout the entire world in different sectors.

H.R. Policy
Mission - Vision

H.R. Policy

The most important resource to carry our company to the future in accordance with our vision and mission is the "PEOPLE".

Choosing the right person to invest, creating the environment that would maximize efficiency, improve performance by developing competencies, ensure development through trainings, set the career path, and establish the “Global Human Resources” systems required for directing our future are the requirements of the adopted human resources policy.

Our intention is to lead the globalizing business world by adding the power granted by all our employees from various nations to our business activities

Our Mission

Adopt sincerity, consistency, trust, long-term relations and mutual respect as principle for the relations with the customers, employees and shareholders.

Continuous improvement through effective involvement.

Preserving the nature by utilizing the resources in the best and most effective manner

Prioritize customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Achieve leadership in the international denim market by acting sensitive towards humane and environmental values

Combining all processes in the story of denim starting from the cotton picked from the field to the yarn, from the yarn to the denim fabric, DNM produces 50 tons of yarn on daily basis.

With the total annual production capacity of 25 million meters, the annual production capacity of the plant aimed after completion of the 2nd phase in the forthcoming term will be 50 million meters.

The environment-friendly production insight adopted by the plant as a mission is implemented through treatment plant, caustic recovery unit, minimum electricity consumption, use of natural gas and the environmental consciousness of the personnel employed at the plant.

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The product philosophy of DNM bases on the authentic denim philosophy.

Prioritizing the textures that go beyond time, DNM designs products that offer freedom of movement by virtue of different washing techniques and that coalesce with vivid and rich color ascensions.

DNM combines experience, state-of-the art technology, product innovation and diversity with the insight of providing high quality service and meeting customer needs perfectly.

All these consolidate with the energy, royalty and creativity of the DNM employees.