DNM aims to operate with zero waste policy and minimize water consumption. Instead of traditional biological treatment system, closed circuit treatment system is preferred at the plant which is operated with the objective of generating zero liquid waste, so-called ZLD.

By subsistence of this system, after being used at the production processes, water is subjected to 7 distinct filtration processes and recovered for re-use at production, thus reducing the water consumption at the plant by 85%. 






We started to use BCI cotton, which will become one of the cornerstones that the “naturally” concept we adopt as DNM bases on, which will consolidate our sustainability in the field of environment and socio-economics and which will enhance the value of our product quality in the eyes of our customers.

BCI Mission : “ We are proud members of the Better Cotton Initiative, working towards a future where all the world’s cotton is produced in a better way: socially, economically and environmentally “ http://www.bettercotton.org


The treatment system used reducing the water consumption, the caustic recovery studies executed for the sake of preventing generation of chemical wastes, lower electricity consumption by virtue of the advanced technology machinery and use of natural gas is an outcome of the environmentally friendly policies implemented by the company.

The trainings provided to the employees for raising awareness ensure that the adopted environmental policy is implemented at all stages of production in the best manner possible.




For providing sustainability, DNM;

  • Aims to reduce the raw material and energy consumption percentage.
  • Maintains the amount of waste water generated by our plant through technical and analytical inspections executed regularly.
  • Ensures recycling by prioritizing the utilization operations before disposal.
  • Carries our employees and enterprise to the future through innovation and forms the entire infrastructure required for ensuring sustainability.